Hey there, how are you all reading my very first post. My name is Soumyakanti Giri and it’s obvious that I start by introducing a bit about myself and my blog. Well, first of all I am an introvert and gentle yet to learn about the harshness of the open world…… Wait!!! That’s one way of saying it but do you know that introverts like to go off limits and do the impossible and so >>>>Hey there, I am Soumyakanti and my aim is to do the impossible. Well, it cannot happen if I don’t meet new people everyday and share new ideas and knowledge with others to give people the necessary information which they require to treat this world a lovely place to live. And people like me who are already content with this world can always think ahead of time and space to bring out the impossible in themselves.

So, my blog will be about motivating you in one or the other way and providing lots of cool information in an interactive light atmosphere so that you enjoy reading everything that’s important in today’s world and become a person as high spirited as you desired once in your childhood dreams fading into the eternity of nowhere where you will finally reside when all your charm is lost.

Childhood is something everybody wants to experience when we grow up but you know we are not there yet………..you know what I am talking about……..and if you don’t you soon will. Because it’s your willpower which takes you back to childhood and not any virtual reality dream or anti-aging cream of the future that will bring back the experience because its not just us who are changing its the environment which changes so the going back thing just sucks at the present we are living now. What you can do is think about certain things the other way round just like a child. You will do quite a lot of opposites in your mental and physical workforce………I admit it should be a positive thing as you are grown up………like I would just try to learn how to make an android app today just because I have a great idea. That’s taking a leap of faith you keep on losing as your birthdays go one by one.

So, when are you taking your leap of faith to immerse into your childhood days???


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