Now, you guys might be thinking what does the title suggests. ‘Kimi no Na wa’ means ‘What is your name’ in Japanese. Kimi no Na wa is a youth sci-fi fantasy movie. Believe me or not, this movie is a masterpiece and can be considered a deep art to know the science and life stuff. This movie was released on August 6 in Japan and is easily the best movie of 2016, not just best anime movie but in general the best movie in 2016. Kimi no Na wa has earned more than enough positive reviews from critics and viewers alike to recommend it to any category of person in the world. Makoto Shinkai is the director of the movie who has put his heart and soul in making this movie a success.

Kimi no Na wa (Your name) has got almost every emotion bound to it you might see in your daily lives. Laughing, crying, questioning, thinking, love, fear, awkwardness, hate and what not. Needless to say, you will completely feel satisfied at the end of the movie and at the same time would hope for the movie to continue a little longer to enjoy lovely moments in the characters’ lives. The movie is so supernatural and yet so natural in the end that you may relate the story to the real world with some extraordinary events happening over time and space.

Well, the movie gives three clear messages and these are as follows:

  • Love is something which even transcends 4D physics and hence we are already experiencing 5D physics.
  • People love and experience extraordinary things every moment but they don’t realise it in their daily lives.
  • Life is full of contrasting features which fill our lives with the symphony of colours.

Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) is a story about a boy named Taki who lives in Tokyo and is frustrated about his busy compact life and wants to be a country girl somehow magically or in the next birth on Earth. A girl named Mitsuha has rather opposite goals and wants to be a Tokyo boy in her next life. In a magical turn of events, they somehow exchange bodies alternatively. Now, the catch here is that both are not of the same age but they end up loving each other because due to time not being same for both they meet or rather exchange thoughts at different points of time with respect to the viewer but not between themselves.

Your name gives a deep insight in today’s lifestyle and how each one overlaps another in some or the other way. The best thing to see in the movie is the stark contrast and how they turn out so interesting in their own way. The city life of Tokyo – BUSY; Itomori – SERENE. The contrast between a boy and a girl, between technology and tradition. The emotions conveyed through this movie are true to the heart and the scenic beauty just takes away your breath every 5 seconds or so.

So, why is it a masterpiece and one of its kind?

The first thing to consider is the art style and animation. The very fact that everything in the film is so supernatural and yet feels so lively and real sets the stage for an epic piece of art. The next thing so compelling about it is its storyline. It all started as a dream which they experience in reality but ends in a reality they experience in the dream. Now, I have no words for the ending except the fact that tears are guaranteed to trickle down your cheeks at the end of the movie just because of the amount of satisfaction you get and yet, at the same time, the eagerness for more makes you sad. The background music … You should listen it yourself, especially kataware-doki. If you never loved a piano before, be ready for that to change.

Now, if we dive deep into the movie, it wants to tell us that we experience supernatural things every moment of our life but we don’t see it. A dog suddenly chasing you down the street, a new girl/boy in the neighbourhood, a new update in the mobile are all just supernatural. They are the things which define time. Time depends on everything. If we all did the exact same thing at the exact same time, every day in our life, what will time mean to us? Will it be moving forward or will it be something like the Earth’s rotation?

The second theme this movie talks about love being able to transcend through dimensions. This can be pretty true because we can love anything and everything devoid of time. We can love an object or an animal even before it comes to existence. Think about your future child. You love him in the present even if he doesn’t exist. You love the graphene powered mobile phone which changed the world but it is still not there. This proves that emotions are the one thing that are out of time’s control but love exceeds others by a lot. You cannot be angry at someone before he has committed something wrong, nor can be you be sad before he has died, nor can you be happy before something good happens. Joy is a greater form of happiness which is at a level higher but it still requires the perfect external conditions. You cannot feel joyful on a stormy day. Love can be felt at anytime and anywhere.

The third thing shown in the movie clearly is that life is not fair. And that is the reason we live. Life was never meant to be fair. We came into existence to experience life in its infinite probabilities. Is it not so interesting that everyone has a face to differentiate themselves, characteristics to prove themselves, emotions to express themselves. We are all different and this fact should be joyful enough to raise you up from the deepest of despairs and worst nightmares ever faced.

Overall, Kimi no na wa shows that life is unexpected and full of unexpected outcomes. Supernatural or not, we should taste life in different ways, maybe the opposite of what we believe. “Duende” is the right word which fits the movies description. The movie is filled with stellar art and storyline. If you want to taste life in one of the most contrasting ways and want to experience emotions which have been locked away for ages, this movie delivers that.



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